Digit Publication Jeremy Hullah Author Beastly Baron Fantasy Adventure

A Shimmer of Stardust Brushed in the Mind’s Eye

“Books may well be the only true magic” – Alice Hoffman

Step into the world of the Beastly Baron, beautifully brought to life and lavishly illustrated by Zsuzsa.

Follow the Baron as his day goes from bad to worse. Meet the Warty Witch of the Wild Western Woods, whose attempts to teach the Baron a lesson go very wrong. Marvel at the never-ending appetite of the Greedy Goat of the Glen as she bites off rather more than she can stomach. And cheer on Greta as she struggles to find a way to save her brother Hal from the sticky clutches of the Gossamer Green Ghost.

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This is a story about stories, and the magic of stories...

Confined to a wheelchair and bullied at school, 11-year-old Finn isn’t having an easy time of it. The only thing he looks forward to are the visits of his Uncle Henry, a globe-trotting photojournalist, who always brings amazing gifts and unbelievable stories of his adventures.

When Henry goes looking for his father’s ship, lost in the Arctic forty years ago, the stories he recounts become increasingly fantastical, straining even Finn’s desire to believe everything his uncle tells him… until he joins in the adventure himself! 

Uncle Digit must navigate through a maze of the impossible to find a way to save the world.

Expect aliens, a wise-cracking fox, singing bears, the most powerful device in the universe and some very peculiar snow.

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